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Scarlet - Marissa Meyer

There was a little girl named Red Riding Hood who went to visit her ailing grandma who lives in the forest and on her way she came upon a wolf...and that is how the original story goes but not in this one. In Scarlet the sequel to Cinder will be another retelling of said fairy tale character. I must admit I had no inkling at first she will be introduced that way into Cinder's story and now this only remind me of that t.v. series that i love to watch called Once Upon A Time wherein all fairy tale characters are trapped in a magical town called story brook but really that is another story but if you have seen that tv show and you have read this book then you know what I'm getting at.


Scarlet for her name is of the same shade (don't make jokes about that one she's sensitive about it) was worried very worried for her grandma who has been missing for weeks with no words whatsoever. Nobody is willing to believe her or help her in locating her missing grandma except for a mysterious boy that is suddenly hanging out in her small town and guess what he calls himself? no really guess...*sigh* it is Wolf of course. Scarlet does not trust him at first until she have no other recourse but to asked for his help for he seems to have an idea where her grandma has been held. As they travel together to Paris she slowly began to find herself falling for Wolf. I said to myself "Oh Scarlet! you should know better than to trust a big possibly bad wolf :( no matter how much he makes your heart flutter like crazy while clutching on his back and leaping on and out of moving trains". While Scarlet is contemplating her feelings for this Alpha Wolf, Cinder on the other hand is now on the run and has become a world famous fugitive and in tow is a new character Capt. Thorne another prisoner she is forced to escaped with to help her get out of New Beijing and search for the person that may hold the key to her secret past and learn more about her real identity. A search that ultimately lead them to Paris. Aha! now you know where this might be going. However, I won't spoil everything here let us just say that after dodging the police and a pack of wolves Scarlet and Cinder's path will finally cross in a most thrilling moment at least for me. I love how the back story of Scarlet's grandma unfold and the secret she holds for many years will intertwined with Cinder's past and perhaps determined Cinder's decision of what she will do of the destiny that is thrust upon her and she feels she is not ready to uphold for she simply wants only to be free.


Cinder is still struggling with her powerful abilities and is still not in her best form to be able to defeat the Lunar Queen when they do confront each other again which I'm sure they will. Then we have the conflicted and super stressed out Emperor Kai who finally succumed to the demands of the Lunar Queen. I have to give it to her she was taking her very sweet time to simply wait for the Emperor to cave in while she let her minions wreck havoc across the major cities in every country around the world. I hate her like the wrath of God! Cinder was pissed off when Emperor Kai announced his latest decision and it is not good :( But here is hoping Cinder will managed to thwart that particular ceremony and save the world at the same time. I enjoyed the twist and turns of the story even though they are predictable the characters were all engaging and not always one dimensional and I was rooting for them from start to finish. 


From Cinder to Scarlet who is the next fairy top most wanted?