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Blood Red Road (Dust Lands, #1) - Moira Young

...warned Nero the faithful family crow to Saba and Lugh as a huge standstorm was heading their way in a vastland of wasteland in their isolated home by the Silverlake. They are twins and were very close to each other since birth. But Saba our heroine looks up to her older twin brother Lugh more than anyone else in their family. So when Lugh was kidnapped by mysterious riders that appeared right after the tail of the sandstorm that also cost them their father's life and left Saba with a younger sister that she didn't particular like, she set out to do what she promised to do. She will look for Lugh no matter where and no matter how far and rescue him. 

Watch out people there is another badass and kickass heroine in wasteland by the name of Saba! I love her fighting spirit, her sheer determination to survive whatever adversity she faces in her quest to find her beloved brother. Along the way she gained unexpected allies and friends and even a romantic interest that in her own words "just ain't her type". Saba was such a pragmatic character yet still vulnerable at the same time and even her naivety still shines through every now and then and I love the unique way the author wrote the narrative voice of our heroine. The way she spelled her words intentionaly that in my mind I can almost hear how Saba sounds like of she were real. It was odd at first then I saw how brilliantly effective it was when I got used to her writing style. It was a slow start but it gradually pulls you in and before I knew it I was right beside Saba perspiring waiting for that d*mn crow to show up already before they all get killed by the mad king and then all her efforts to reach that far will be all for nothing and then she heard it! Caw!Caw!Caw! I was soooo freaking relieved to read that part *grins* 


The title of this review is in honor of Nero the only smartest crow in this story. Oh my new dose of heroine SABA :) Can't wait for the Saba and Jack reunion in Rebel Heart.