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The Elite - Kiera Cass

The Elite is the second installment to The Selection series, and here we have America Singer still on the running for the crown and princess bride of Prince Maxon. They are now down to six candidates from the original thirty five that were choosen as initials in the first book and the remaining candidates are referred to as The Elite. While all this business about the selection of the new princess bride for Prince Maxon sounds so exciting and glamorous the story is essentially a love triangle between America and Prince Maxon and Aspen (America's old boyfriend) who is now working in the palace as one of the guards.

The task for the Elites has become more challenging and although Prince Maxon has expressed his clear intentions already to America that she is his only choice if she is willing and committed to be his wife and princess to serve by his side, America was being a freaking bi-polar of an idiot. While I understand some of her concerns but come on make up her mind already. When she discovered that Prince Maxon wasn't being forthcoming with his feelings with the other candidates and felt betrayed by it she lashes out by betraying his trust in return in public it almost cost her her place in the running. But somehow she was given another chance but this time she needs to step up her A game when she realizes that she wants and loves Prince Maxon afterall. She has her work cut out for her when although he still have his heart she needs to earn back his trust this time. And the competition is going to be fierce and dangerous when the King himself is not in favor of her at all. In the midst of the Selection process there are rebels who are attacking the palace every now and then and I'm not so sure what do these rebels really wants. Maybe they want to participate in the pageantry too?

This second installment is more engaging than the first one but America was giving me a headache with her form of he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not decision making. It was like she wants to have the best of both world. Maybe she should have stick to her original plan to stay and enjoy the food until the Prince will kick her out. Not necessarily a  bad idea. Ah! such is the life in the palace of our dear Ms. America Singer on her journey to  win the coveted crown that she didn't covet in the first place. 

And that's it for now from the Princess Diary of Ms. America Singer and let us all toast her good luck and break a leg or something.