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The Knife of Never Letting Go  - Patrick Ness

Todd Hewitt is about to turn thirteen in a month, the youngest boy in a town of men in a town called Prentisstown. What is unique in this town is the noise, this noise are the thoughts of men and even animals that everyone in town can hear and there are no women that lives in this town anymore. They were said to have been killed off by the Noise Germ a long time ago or so he was told. Todd who is eagerly anticipating the day he will turn thirteen so that he can be considered a man already have no idea of the sacrifice he needs to undergo to be called a man in a town of Printesstown. One day he came across a spot with no noise and stumble upon a girl the very first one he ever laid eyes on. Soon he finds himself on the run as far away as he can from Printesstown with Viola and his faithful dog companion Manchee. Todd has no idea why he needs to get away from the men of Printesstown only that he was told to go as fast as he can and find shelter and safety in another settlement. While on the run Todd slowly began to unravel the truths about his town and its dark sad history and why an army of men who are set to find him wants to do with him. He realizes in the end there is an important choice he has to make that will mean life or death for him. However, can he bring himself to do it for a boy who thinks he can't kill after all?


There are many dark and unpredictable twist and turns in this story and for all the running and dodging the bullet even that Todd and Viola did in the end there was just a sense of great loss and defeat for Todd and even for me. I adore that dog Manchee but alas he suffered an untimely demise and I was deeply saddened about that. The narrative writing style of the author can be compared to the Dustland series of Moira Young. There were intended words that were misspelled to give a more distinct voice of the character of Todd. That did not distract me from the compelling adventures of Todd who I hope will continue to hope and fight for his freedom and for Viola from the monsters that are the men of Printesstown.