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It would be a total OVERKILL O_o

Die for Her: A Die for Me Novella - Amy Plum

French suave Jules is a revenant and best friend of Vincent and this novella "Die for Her" is his point of view from the books "Die for Me" and "Until I Die". Basically it is like a run through of other tid bits that we were not aware of in the previous books. Oh dear! unrequited love is unrequited and that is never a good thing if the object of your adoration is in love with your very best friend. And there is possibly no way that this will end happily for Jules if he is to act upon his feelings for Kate. However, what I do appreciate in this one is that Jules did not fall that instantly with Kate his feelings did grew gradually to his annoyance and for all his flirtatious ways he didn't know he is capable of falling that hard after being a revenant for hundreds of years I think. He ends up capturing his love for Kate in his numerous paintings instead which he kept hidden in his studio and vow to be loyal to his best friend Vincent and be there for Kate as a friend. Yes our dear Jules will be friend zoned forever and that is a long time for an undead zombie like creature like him. So he keeps hiding his feelings with other girls hoping that he can momentarily forget about Kate.

I am also reminded that Kate doesn't sound all that amazing anyway for Jules to be enamored with , even though she is no longer a sad girl anymore. I think it's enough that she has Vincent to moon over her like a puppy. It is creepy enough that these revenants have obsessive tendencies to stalk their persons of interest like seriously they will follow you everywhere that they can in anyway that they can and that is just creepy as hell no matter how the good intentions behind it.

So I hope that Jules will somehow get over with Kate and not end up to actually die for her because it would be a total overkill as far as protecting her in any way he can, since I'm pretty sure Kate won't be feeling suicidal any time soon. But d*mmit Ms. Plum better give our darling Jules his own soul mate or something preferrably ASAP.