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This is the sequel to Sweet Evil wherein british drummer boy son of the Duke of Lust ~ Kaidan Rowe left Anna to move to LA to try to stay away from her for a love or even a relationship between Nephilims is a big no no in their world and the consequences if caught will be deadly. Since then it has been six months since Anna last saw Kaidan and she herself underwent a drastic change in her outward appearance as well as her lifestyle in school. Gone is our dear goody two shoes A+ student Anna and behold the trendiest party girl in town. Anna plays her role as the daughter of the Duke of Alcohol and Drugs to the best of her ability in order to satisfy those dreadful demon whisperers that floats around like spies to Niphilims reminding them of their "job" towards mankind. She feels guilty about it afterwards and hates it for what she is compelled to do to her fellow under age drinkers. The job itself is such sweet sweet temptation to Anna if ever she gets out of hand. However, the pressure of her "job" and her agonizing feelings for Kaidan has taken its toll on her. Meanwhile, Kaidan is doing his frustrating best to cut off Anna from his life and yet he can't seem to make himself stay away for long. And let me tell you especially you ladies that when Anna went to LA and reunited with Kaidan there while on a very important secret errand~ everything went blazing hot under the California Sun. Anna sure have some strong inner will of steel to have stayed "pure as a driven snow" after all that steamy kisses from one Kaidan Rowe ;) They are making up for lost time apparently which is no problemo at all from this reader.The amount of sexual tension that this two have and to always have that point of retreat between them is making me produce sounds from my mouth that was not human...lol!

Let us go back to other things that are happening in this book, there is an ancient prophecy that was revealed that involves Anna and her father Duke Baliel is making things happen to help her fulfill that prophecy but they need allies and so Anna finds herself traveling all over the world seeking said allies with Kopano the son of wrath but  is no longer practicing his "job" and for awhile in the beginning he may turned out to be the other love interest but it was not meant to be. Anna will gain two new Nephilim allies that will appear towards the end with her and other previous characters that involves almost trap in an island and submerged under water in order to avoid detection from some unexpected Dukes and something horrible went down. But all Anna and her friends can do was watch it all happen right before their eyes unable to do anything at that moment...it was all so tragic.

I want to give props to the other supporting characters that stand out to me like Patti and her constant love and support for Anna for she is that awesome. The ever fun loving thrill seeker very funny Blake the son of the Duke of Envy and also the best friend of Kai. This guy showed Anna how to have fun the California way :) Anyway, I didn't expect to feel all that giddy for Kai and Anna but I guess I underestimated their chemistry together and for awhile there I almost forgot that this is a paranormal young adult fantasy.

The story did not end in a cliffy but it was obvious that Anna and Kai's situation are now more dangerous than ever when the Dukes have their suspicions of a traitor among them. Still I am looking forward to the next installment and that Anna will finally get to use that revered Sword of Righteousness and kick some Dukes ass back to hell!