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If I Should Die - Amy Plum

That was the mysterious solution and plan to the predicament of Vincent Delacroix, who for anyone of you have read the second book "Until I Die" of this series ended with a major heart breaking cliffy with Vincent's body being taken by the villain and burned never to be animated again. And his human girlfriend Kate will forever be doomed to long and love him in his volant form for all eternity till she expires if she cannot find a way to bring him back to his animated form. Kate was determined to not lose Vincent forever and finds herself back to a very familiar soil across the pond to search for answers. And I was glad they were answers found and when applied correctly was met with a succesful result amidst time constraint and now Vincent is back gorgeous and sweeter than ever and also became the new leader of the France branch of revenants. Although the whole ancient ceremony was sort of a trial and error thing at first and there were funny moments during that scene.

A war has broken out between the numa and bardya in France and the psychotic b*tch villain Violette is sending out hundreds of her numa minions to wreck havoc in Paris. The bardya are outnumbered and the real Champion that is being prophesied is needed more than ever to come into power and help the light defeat the dark essentially. I have my theory of who is the real Victor and I was pleased to find out i was right about that person when the new guerisseur confirmed the identity. Although the way Violette executed her method of confirming her very own suspicions as well regarding the real Revenant Champion was shocking it left me screaming my head off for a moment there, she was certainly ruthless. By this time I was pissed off already about this bitter power hungry traitor that I was extremely happy when she was finally being dealt with by the Champion in a headless manner. 

Despite the tendency of the story  of this final installment of this series to be predictable due to clues and hints here and there that were being revealed as the story progresses, there were still many instances that certain twist and turns left me speechless and screaming no! The pacing was fast enough to keep the thrill of the plot going and I will say this is a great conclusion to this series. However, there are still characters here whose fate I wanted to be given closure to instead of left hanging there and there are others who got their heart's desire but not everybody got a happy ending but it only made me want to clamor more for a spin off stories for these said characters. Suffice to say I am done with Kate and Vincent's epic love affair and now I want someone for Jules so he can heal his heart and I can be happy for him as well.