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WTH were you thinking HARPER???

Taking Chances  - Molly McAdams

For those who have read Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens and Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuirre this story will definitely sound familiar to you. This is an utter cluster f*ck of emotions and drama especially when you have a love triangle like Harper the 18 year old shy, naive and a virgin to boot and Chase the womanizing senior college guy and Brandon the junior college guy who sounds almost perfect and an underground fighter as well. So Harper found herself agonizing over two hot guys that she even compared herself to Elena in Vampire Diaries O_o like really? I am not a huge fan of Harper's character here, majority of the time she comes off pretty much an immature and irresponsible young girl to me. I take that she is prone to make mistakes in this angst filled drama plot but the consequences of her betrayal was just predictable although there is one  tragic twist of event that I did not see coming but it did set up for how the rest of the story will go. I think that after all that colossal mess that Harper made she still end up with an almost fairytale like life and almost everybody except for the harpy b*tches are in love with Harper and thinks she is that an amazing person that they need to fuss over and take care and defend all the d*mn time. But I do not think this is one of those stories that should inspire me because I was not really favorable with the situation that Harper find herself in at such a young age. I admit I cried in some scenes and think these people are too good for Harper she was the one who committed the ultimate betrayal and yet she was still excused despite her feeling guilty all the time about it. Over all I came to appreciate the reward of this story in the end which is about forgiveness and second chances.