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It's Confession Time

This Man Confessed  - Jodi Ellen Malpas

Jesse and Ava has finally tied the knot and now its confession time for Jesse. There will be still more secrets to reveal and the final one will be explosive and it freaking blew my mind. To think with all these drama surrounding the crazy and passionate love affair between this two I sometimes think Ava will go nuts with how Jesse is increasingly becoming more possessive and needy and he continues to tramples everyone who gets in his way. Before this will irritate the hell out of me but now that his tragic past came to surface i will just have to deal with this man's flaws like Ava did and love him the best i can. Lovely epilogue from Jesse's POV and still the same Lord of the Manor without the manor or is there?

Publication is this July 2013 so I want to thank the one who uploaded it on some random forum I stumbled unto while googling this one for the ARC. I didn't know I get lucky to get the real deal :) However, i will not spoil anything more about this final installment of this This Man series in respect to those who are still awaiting for the release date.