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Twisted Perfection  - Abbi Glines

So I was pretty excited for this one, it is a spin off series of one of the characters from the Fallen Too Far series and that is one Woods Kerrington. He was so sweet and supportive in that series that naturally i wanted him to have his own story as well. He came from a wealthy family and is working real hard in his position in his father's company in order to get that well deserved promotion but his father had certain expectations and conditions to his promotion and it was pretty much callous and cold of his dad to treat him like that. Then he met Della and they had a one night stand that really rocked both of their world. But Della is just passing through town for she is on the road to seek herself. I am not really liking her character here all that much maybe because she was too emotionally sensitive for me, I get that she have deep troubling issues but I was not ready for all that angst she is giving off. But their path cross once again months later and this time the attraction is still sizzling more than ever.  Woods is  struggling through his feelings for Della while she is within his work vicinity but he knows his father will not be liking it one bit. I for one was not sad to see the old man go the way he did at the conclusion of the story after all the trouble he made to Della and Woods. So this one ended with that piece of shocking news about Kerrington Sr. and what it means for Woods and Della, i don't know yet. There will be a sequel for sure but no news of when it will come out. However, the reason I only gave this a not so stellar rating because I was quite disappointed that Woods was paired with someone like Della.