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Stag Sticks! Eeeeewwww!

Written in Red - Anne Bishop

This is possibly one of my new favorite urban fantasy series to date. This is the first book I have read from this author. There are shape shifters, vampires and elementals that are referred to as the Others who rule the earth and they do prey on humans. But through the years they learn to "get along" each other. I really like how this world was set up and one mysterious runaway human who is hiding among them by being their new Human Liaison and her name is Meg Corbyn. She comes off as shy and meek but she is smart and attentive to others but she has a secret that she is desperately hiding from them. She is being hunted by her previous owners, for she is a Cassandra Sangue-Blood Prophet. It was really interesting the way how her being a blood prophet works it was a bloody and painful process and I am just glad she managed to get away from the horrifying place she came from and no longer suffer that ordeal.  I love how she came to be close to the Others with her genuine determination, sincere kindness and at times her selflessness that shines through even when she is in pain. I thought I would find her annoying for she is not the usual strong willed and badass heroine that I do like but I became endeared to her surprisingly this kinda "special snow flake" girl character had me rooting for her. I like how many of the Others join forces to protect Meg and claim her as one of them. But the danger is far from over for the previous owners will probably stop at nothing to get back their precious human commodity. Since she grew up with almost little contact with the outside world and in the human society, she is still pretty much naive in the ways of the human world and probably that kind of innocence is what appealed her to the Others. She doesn't see them in the usual prejudice human eyes. I cracked up when she got confused about the stag sticks in fact there were a lot of funny scenes in this book but i cannot mention them all here. There were actions, mysterious plot, many interesting secondary characters, and the many ways the Others actually made extra efforts to accommodate Meg in their community and help her integrate. So one of the things I wanna know now is whether something will ever happen between Meg and Wolgang, they have a volatile relationship for now but I think the alpha wolf is melting *grinning*.