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The Ask and the Answer (Chaos Walking #2) - Patrick Ness

This second installment of the Chaos Walking Trilogy once again left me in shock and in despair. It took me quite some time to pick up once again with this series since its predecessor left me reeling. I was put through another round of twist and turns and one man I simply want to drop dead already Mayor Prentiss, his brand of manipulation and psychological warfare onto Todd is something else but I have to admit it always took him one step ahead in everything else. I was feeling mighty frustrated with how Viola and Todd were trapped and became pawns of their games The Ask and The Answer. This one is more action packed and even more grittier and darker and violent than before. Todd and Viola really evolved in this book and after all that they have been through they remain each others real strength and anchor. No lame and cheesy romance between this two but I felt that they don't need those words of affection their actions says it all. Still do not underestimate the power of words they can cut you down or buoyed you up. There were some secondary characters here that also surprises me, most especially Davy Prentiss who became a tragic figure in the end at the hands of the man he called father. Mayor Prentiss finally revealed what his real plans for Todd and it is up to Todd if he will make that same choice up to the end. There are no happiness in the horizon only a dread of what is to come but I find myself captivated with the story and I think this is one of the most surprising series I have read to date. I don't know about others who have read this series but this one is brilliant.


"Finally, we come to the real thing, the things that makes men, men. The thing we were born for, Todd. War." ~ Mayor Printess